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Wheel Spoke Rim Brush
Wheel Spoke Rim Brush

Wheel and Spoke Brush, Double-Looped Bristles

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Part Number: 25-693
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Professional Soft Grip Deluxe Slot-Spoke Wheel Brush

  • Easily Remove Dirt and Brake Dust Out of Tight Spaces
  • Thick, Soft, Flexible, Double-Looped Bristles Will Not Scratch
  • Soft Non-slip Grip Handle
  • Conforms to Any Wheel Design For Easy Cleaning

SCRATCH FREE: Soft, flexible, double-looped bristles are twisted around semi-flexible wire which enables  this Rim and Wheel Brush to conform to various wheel shapes and designs. It is effective in removing the built-up dirt and brake dust between your spokes and all around your rims. This Spoke Brush gives you a thorough deep cleaning, without scratching, for your painted, chrome, powder coated, polished wheels and more.

SCRUBBING POWER for HEAVY DUTY CLEANING: Not only are these 2.5 inch long bristles soft, they but are looped around two wires facing opposite directions creating a round design that is perfect for spoke wheels. The two colors, black and blue, represent the double-loop design. You’ll get double the cleaning power of most Slot/Spoke Wheel Brushes on the market.

STRENGTH AND DURABILITY: Polypropylene bristles are built to withstand solvents, acids, petroleum products and detergents. This synthetic material holds up through frequent, rigorous use with your favorite wheel cleaners and degreasers.

COMFORTABLE TO USE: The overall length is 11.5 inches. The 5.5 inch handle has a soft, rubber nonslip comfortable grip, even when wet. It also prevents the handle from scratching your wheel and rim surfaces.


  • Primary Use: Brush for Cleaning Rims, Spokes and Wheels
  • Brand: Detail Direct
  • Part No: 25-693
  • Overall Length Including Handle: 11.5 Inches
  • Handle: Soft Grip, No Slip
  • Bristle Type: Synthetic withstands solvents, acids, petroleum products and detergents
  • Handle Length: 6 Inches
  • Bristle Length: 5.5 Inches
  • Bristle Width: 2.5 Inches
  • Handle Hole for Hanging When Not In Use: Yes

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