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Water Sprite Drying Cloth WS816RS
Water Sprite Drying Cloth WS816RS

Water Sprite Chamois Synthetic Drying Cloth - Car Chamois 34”x23”

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SM Arnold Water Sprite Plus Large Size

  • Perfect for Auto Detailers, Home Owners, Athletes
  • From Wet to Dry in the Blink of an Eye!
  • Car Chamois 34”x23” - 791 Square Inches

SUCKS UP MOISTURE LIKE A SPONGE: The SM Arnold Water Sprite works fast soaking up to 7 times its weight in water. You will have a completely dry surface FAST, free of streaks, spots, and lint. It actually absorbs the water from the surface of your Auto, Truck, SUV, RV, Boat, Airplane, or Motor Home. You will be thrilled at the shine on your lint-free windows!

NOT JUST FOR CARS: Use this drying cloth almost anywhere. Dry your body, your hair or even your dog! Besides using this amazing sponge-like cloth around your home, carry one with you when golfing, cycling, ice skating or swimming. The Water Sprite works to wipe down countertops, absorb spills or defrost your freezer. Literally, use it anywhere water needs to be sucked up almost like a little vacuum.

CUT TO SIZE: Whatever size, you can easily cut it to fit the type of job you are using it for, big or little. It works almost anywhere that you need to go from Wet to Dry in a Blink of an Eye!

SUPER EASY TO USE: When wet, it is flexible, soft to the touch, easy to use, and dries surfaces extraordinary fast. No need to go over the surface area several times to get the job done right. A single pass will eliminate the moisture from the surface. Unlike towels and sponges, this Synthetic Chamois will not mildew, is not affected by household chemicals, and does not  harbor bacteria.

SIMPLE DIRECTIONS: When the WATER SPRITE touches moisture, it soaks it up. Simply place this Synthetic Chamois over any wet area to dry it quickly and easily. It is designed to be used wet. Once it is fully saturated, just wring it out, and keep going.
1. Wash your vehicle or other surface like normal.
2. When you are ready to dry your vehicle or other surface, first, wet the Water Sprite completely and rinse out any soap or detergent. Then, proceed to dry your surface with the Water Sprite.
2. When finished drying the surface, always rinse all the loose dirt and grime from the Water Sprite with clean cold (never hot) water.

For vehicle surfaces like the hood of your car, spread the Water Sprite Chamois out all the way to give yourself maximum surface area. Once spread flat, just pull it towards you slowly, and let the Water Sprite do the work.  It acts like a little vacuum to dry the hood completely, and leave it without spots, or streaks.
On the side of your vehicle, just wipe with deliberate motions. Because the SM Arnold Drying Cloth is so soft and flexible, you will be able to get into every small space.

For countertops, simply wipe in a single direction to remove the  moisture as you wipe.
Pull spills from carpeting:  lay the Water Sprite over the wet area and press down to pull the moisture out.  
If something is leaking or dripping, place this PVA Synthetic Chamois in its path to suck up the liquid fast.

Use like a regular cloth or paper towel for better, super fast drying power.

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