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Tire Brush Whitewalls and Sidewalls
Tire Brush Whitewalls and Sidewalls

Tire Brush with Brass Bristles for Car Detailing

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Part Number: 85-637
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Best Brass Wire Brush

  • Longer, heavier, and more densely packed brass bristles than competition
  • Look at our close up photo for comparison
  • Use to deep clean tires, remove rust or loose paint, clean your grill

THESE  BRASS BRISTLES are crimped tighter with heaver gauge brass wire than ordinary cheap brushes. The densely packed, stiff .75 inch bristles are tough, long-lasting and set in an 8.5 inch hard foam block that will not warp or crack. A handle hole allows for easy hanging. This brush is made to last and get the toughest job done!

NOT JUST FOR TIRES: Brass Bristles clean a multitude of surfaces: From scrubbing your tire’s white letters, whitewalls or sidewalls to cleaning your outdoor grill to striping loose paint to removing rust. The wire bristles will get in those cracks where your power equipment cannot reach when stripping loose paint or removing rust from metal surfaces.

TIRE BRUSH FOR CAR DETAILING is the perfect brush to agitate your all-purpose cleaner on your tire for deep cleaning that will remove grime, road film, previously applied gels & protectants. Then, you can apply your new tire protectant for a durable long-lasting shine on those clean tires.

RUST BRUSH: Brass bristles make this brush ideal to help your rust remover quickly remove rust from most metal surfaces. Works exceptionally well on those old rusted tools you may have laying around or find at a yard sell.

OUR GUARANTEE: This tire brush is a professional heavy-duty brass brush. It is absolutely not one of the cheap brushes you find on the internet. If you are not completely satisfied please let us know and we will arrange for a no-hassle return of your un-used brush.


  • Primary Use: Tire Brush, Clean Grill, Remove Loose Rust or Peeling Paint
  • Brand: Detail Direct
  • Part No: 85-637
  • Bristle Type: Brass
  • Overall Length: 8.5 Inches
  • Bristle Length: .75 Inches
  • Brush Head Approximately 2.5 Inches square
  • Block Material: Durable Foam
  • Handle Hole for Hanging When Not in Use: Yes
  • Weight: 6 oz


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