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Coned Shape Large Spoke Brush
Coned Shape Large Spoke Brush

Spoke Brush 17 Inch Cone Shape

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Part Number: 10-080
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Spoke and Wheel Brush For Cleaning Compact Spaces

  • Best Wheel Detailing Brush for Cars, Trucks,  Motorcycles!
  • Remove Built-up Dirt and Grime on Wheels, Rims, Exhaust Tips, and Engine Bays
  • 17 Inch Coned Shape Design Reaches Into Small Compact Spaces

EASY TO USE: This Spoke Brush is the perfect size and shape to easily slip inside each spoke, or deep inside wheel barrels, around cracks, and through crevices. It is an extra long 17 Inches. The cone-shape helps the brush reach deep inside your alloy wheels and custom rims for a complete wheel detail job.

SCRUBS WITHOUT SCRATCHING: The nylon bristles are firm enough to remove the caked on dirt, grease, mud, brake dust, and grime. Yet, the bristles are soft enough so the spoke brush will not harm your sensitive wheel finishes.

USE IN OTHER AREAS: Slide our Wheel Rim Brush deep inside exhaust tips to remove heavy carbon buildup. Also, use this Econo Wheel and Spoke Brush to clean between intake manifold pipes and exhaust runners for complete engine bay detailing.

  • Primary Use: Scrub and Clean Car Spokes, Wheels, Rims
  • Brand: Detail Direct
  • Part No: 10-080  
  • Brush Overall Length: 17 Inches
  • Handle Type: Smooth Sanded Wood
  • Bristle Type: Nylon
  • Handle Hook for Hanging When Not in Use: Yes
  • Weight: 11 oz

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