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Remove Pet Hair With This Sticky Roller
Remove Pet Hair With This Sticky Roller

Pet Hair Remover Roller

Your Price: $6.95
Part Number: 10-195
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Reusable Sticky Roller to Remove Cat Hair and Dog Hair

  • Use on Carpet and Upholstery to Easily Remove Pet Hair
  • Reusable, Just Rinse With Water After Each Use
  • Safe on All Fabrics and Carpets
  • Handle Has a Convenient Hanging Loop
  • Covers Large Area at One Time

FAST AND EASY: Roll the Lint Roller Pet Hair Remover over your car seats and carpet, furniture, clothing and more. Instantly, the hair will stick to the roller. When it is full of pet fur, just rinse it with water and its ready to roll again.

SAFE AND DURABLE: No need to wonder if this Pet Hair Remover will damage your sofa, clothes, or hard surfaces because it is completely safe. The adhesive side has excellent, long-lasting adhesion properties. The handle is easy to clean and sanitize.

First Use, tear the protective film off the roller. Then, after each additional use, rinse with water to remove the hair. You can use laundry detergent, if desired. Let It dry and its ready to use again.

Primary Use: Remove Pet Hair From Furniture, Carpet, Upholstery
Brand: Direct Detail
Part No: 10-195

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