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Convenient Pocket for Your Hand
Convenient Pocket for Your Hand

Microfiber Applicator Pad with Hand Pocket 12 Pack

Your Price: $14.95
5 inch round Microfiber Wax Applicator Pad with a convenient hand-pocket that reduces hand fatigue so you will get your wax detail job done faster and easier. Premium quality, guaranteed.
Part Number: 15-110
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 5 Inch Round Microfiber Applicator Pads, 12 Pack

  • Less Hand Fatigue with the Convenient Pocket for Your Hand
  • Even and Smooth Wax, Polish, or Sealant Application
  • Best Shine Without Scratching or Leaving Lint Behind

CONVENIENT HAND POCKET: Easy pad to hold. The pocket makes it easy to wax your car with less hand discomfort. You will be able to get more done in a shorter period of time.

LOOK GOOD: No worries about scratches, swirls, lint, or dust left behind after you finish your car wax detail. You will have a nice shine using these extra soft microfiber pads combined with your best polish or wax.

EVEN AND SMOOTH: The inner super soft foam sponge is encased with a premium microfiber cloth. Your glaze, polish, wax, sealant, or tire dressing will spread out smooth and even.

OTHER USES: These 5 inch round microfiber applicator pads are more than wax applicators. They work equally well with conditioners, protectants, or dressings. Use on your tires, rubber, vinyl trim, leather, or plastic for lint-free applications.  

REUSABLE: Just toss these cost-effective applicators in the washing machine. Use your favorite detergent without fabric softeners, plus wash them separately to keep them lint-free and un-contaminated from other chemicals. They last quite well through repeated washings.   

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