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Best carpet cleaner spray for cars, home, office
Best carpet cleaner spray for cars, home, office

Castle Velour Rug & Fabric Cleaner

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Best carpet cleaner spray for cars, home, office without excessive wetting. Foaming action gets rid of stains, dries fast, smells awesome. Check out our discounts.
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Best Carpet Cleaner Spray for Cars, Home, Office

  • Carpet Cleaner Foam Spray, 18.5 oz Can
  • Deep Cleans Carpet, Rugs, Fabrics, and Upholstery Without Excessive Wetting
  • Dries Fast So You Can Get Your Job Done Without Excessive Waiting Time
  • 360 Degree Spray Nozzle For Cleaning Hard-To-Reach Areas
  • Never Leaves a Residue Behind that Attracts More Dirt

THE BEST CARPET CLEANER SPRAY FOR CARS: The professional detailer choice for car interior carpet cleaner. A foaming spray deep cleans carpet, fabric and upholstery without excessive wetting. The car interior carpet, seats, door panels, headliners, floor mats and trunks are easily cleaned and free of pet stains, dirt, coffee and food without a lot of hassle and time.

AWESOME SCENT: Stop struggling with a dirty vehicle interior and its smell. When you use Castle car cleaner shampoo, not only will your car smell clean, it has an awesome long-lasting scent. With the clean car interior and nice aroma, you will have a feeling of satisfaction as you drive down the road.

DOES NOT LEAVE A RESIDUE: Ideal for use as a carpet spot remover or to clean larger high-traffic areas. Castle Velour Rug and Fabric Cleaner does not leave a reside behind that tends to attract more dirt. It does leave you with a nice fresh and clean scent. Carpet and upholstery fabrics will feel soft again with all the dirt and grime gone.   

QUICK AND EASY TO USE: The 360 degree nozzle sprays a thick rich foam evenly and precisely upside down, sideways, or upright. This unique nozzle allows you to spray the cleaner anywhere it is needed.

NO EXCESSIVE WETTING: This 18.5 ounce aerosol spray cleaner has a rich foaming action that removes stubborn spots and stains without excessive wetting of your fabrics or carpets. Your carpet and upholstery will look and feel clean without a sticky residue left behind like many liquid cleaners. Low waiting time because it dries fast.

HOME, OFFICE, CAR: Castle Velour Rug and Fabric Cleaner is a strong and effective cleaner, yet safe and gentle on your rugs, upholstery, chairs, partitions, seats, headliners, boat vinyl, anywhere you have dirt and grime to clean. Also, it is great to pre-treat stains in carpet or upholstery prior to overall cleaning

  • Shake the can well before use.
  • The 360 degree nozzle allows you to hold the spray can in whatever position is needed. Spray the surface. Allow foam to stand 30 seconds.
  • Use a clean damp towel or cloth to gently rub area. On stubborn dirt or textured surfaces use a brush.
  • Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • After surface has dried, lift out any sand or grit by vacuuming.

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