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Castle Spray Adhesive
Castle Spray Adhesive

Castle Trim Stick Contact Spray Adhesive

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Castle Trim Stick Contact Spray Adhesive


  • Contact Spray Adhesive
  • Securely bond vinyl, leather, plastic and foam rubber to metal, wood, cardboard and other similar products
  • High strength
  • Bonds most woods, particle board, metal, laminate and many plastics
  • Clear and lightweight aerosol adhesive
  • Fast tack
  • Fast drying with time for repositioning
  • Works in all weather temperatures
  • Low soak-in
  • Net WT: 13.75 oz - 18.5 FL OZ          


STRONG SPRAY ADHESIVE BOND - Versatile spray adhesive that forms a strong bond with a wide range of materials. Attach vinyl, leather, plastic and foam rubber to metal, wood or corrugated cardboard and other similar products. Use anywhere a strong bond is needed. Use on fabrics, lightweight foams, cardboard, paper, felt, foils, cloth, carpeting and more.


TIME TO RE-POSITION - Castle Trim Stick is fast-drying, becomes tacky almost immediately, yet allows time to position your materials for up to 2 hours after application. It has a low soak-in on porous surfaces. Works in all temperature ranges.


BONDS WIDE RANGE OF MATERIALS - Castle Trim Stick is a versatile Spray Adhesive Aerosol that is perfect for reattaching loose auto interior trim, headliners, carpets, gaskets, lightweight trim material on cars such as trunk liners or upholstery cloth to metal or other surfaces, installing new material in vehicle restoration projects. Use to seal boxes or for positioning applications. The list goes on...



1. Clean bonding surfaces and remove dust, dirt, wax, oils and other contaminants. Allow to dry. 
2. Shake can well. 
3. Hold can 6-8 inches from surface and spray Trim Stick to both surfaces. 
4. Let set for 60 seconds before mounting. 
5. Bond surfaces using firm, uniform pressure. 
6. If necessary, material can be re-positioned up to 2 hours later. 
7. When finished, invert can and spray until valve is clear. 
8. Clean up any overspray with mineral spirits


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