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Castle Pro Wipe Chamois Synthetic Drying Cloth

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Castle Pro Wipe Chamois Cloth for Car

Shammy Cloth for Car


ABSORBS 4 TIMES ITS WEIGHT - Your wet surface will be completely dry and free of streaks, spots, and lint quick and easy! The Castle Synthetic Chamois moves the dirt and grime away from your surface preventing fine scratches that result from other drying methods. You will be thrilled at the gleaming streak-free, lint-free surface on your windows or Auto, Truck, SUV, RV, Boat, Airplane, or Motor Home paint finish! Works faster and better than sponges, towels, paper towels, or a leather chamois for most wet surfaces that you want dry in a flash.


NOT JUST FOR CARS - This versatile synthetic drying cloth has many uses. Use it almost anywhere that you need wet to dry fast and easy! Dry your hair, your body after bathing or swimming, wipe sweat when working out, and it even will dry your cat and dog!  This synthetic chamois eliminates the need for several towels when drying large vehicles. Or cut to size for multiple uses, if desired. The Castle Pro-Wipe is perfect for wiping down countertops, absorbing spills, defrosting your freezer, anywhere water needs to be sucked up almost like a little vacuum.


SOFT, DURABLE, LONG-LASTING - You’ll be amazed at how a car drying towel that is so soft can absorb so much water. When it absorbs 4 times its weight in water, simply wring it out and keep drying. Oil or grease does not hamper its absorption ability. It is tear resistant. You’ll use it over and over, hundreds of times. Just wash it by hand or in the washing machine to remove any dirt and grime as needed.


EASY TO STORE - This car drying chamois comes with its own storage tube. Always store it damp. It will not mold or mildew. But, if it dries out, just wet it and you’re ready to go again.


SUPER EASY AND FAST TO USE - When it touches moisture, it just soaks it up. It is designed to be used wet. Once it is fully saturated, just wring it out, and keep going. You will love how simple this synthetic chamois is to use to dry almost anything wet or for those accidental spills.



- Approximately 27in. x 17”

- Package includes 1 Castle Pro-Wipe Synthetic Chamois with a storage tube

- Absorbs 4 times its weight

- Machine washable

- Tear resistant

- Not affected by oil and grease

- Soft, durable, long-lasting.




For vehicle surfaces like the hood of your car, spread the Castle Pro-Wipe Chamois out all the way out (27”x17” approx.) to give yourself maximum surface area. Once spread flat, just pull it towards you slowly, and let the car drying chamois do the work. It acts like a little water vacuum and leaves you with a gleaming streak-free, spot-free, lint-free surface.  

For vehicle sides, just wipe with deliberate motions. Because the Castle Drying Cloth is so soft and flexible, you will be able to get into every small space.



Countertops: simply wipe in a single direction to remove the  moisture as you wipe.

Carpet Spills:  lay it over the wet area and press down to pull the moisture out. 

Leaks and Drips: place this Synthetic Chamois in its path to suck up the liquid fast.



Use like a regular cloth or paper towel for better, super fast drying power.


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