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Liquid Torch Penetrator
Liquid Torch Penetrator

Castle Liquid Torch Penetrator

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Castle Liquid TORCH Penetrator 

Works When All Other Products Fail

Remove Frozen, Corroded and Rusted Nuts, Bolts and Other Fasteners

Penetrates Deeper and Acts Faster

Fast and easy way to remove unmovable nuts and bolts

Foaming Action Hi-Tech Formula minimizes time and waste

Extreme pressure lubricant assures constant lubrication even under the most extreme conditions

Excellent for industrial, farm, heavy equipment, trucks, and boats

Liquid Torch works!


ANTI-SEIZE COMPOUND FORMULA - Castle Torque Master is a superior anti-seize compound that withstands extreme pressures in excess of 50,000 psi and works in those scenarios when more torque is needed than your average penetrating oil provides. Simply spray Liquid Torch on rusted, frozen or corroded parts, then allow time for deep penetration. You will be amazed!


REMOVE UNMOVABLE NUTS AND BOLTS - Castle’s Hi-Tech Foaming Action Formula minimizes time and waste. This extreme pressure lubricant assures constant lubrication even under the most extreme conditions. Excellent for industrial, farm, heavy equipment, trucks, and boats. It is ideal for plumbing, automotive, marine and general industrial applications. Liquid Torch works!


FREES RUSTED, CORRODED AND FROZEN PARTS: When you have bolts, nuts, threads or other fasteners that won’t budge, Castle’s The Liquid Torch Penetrator is your solution. It reduces the torque required to overcome the rust bond saving you time, frustration and energy. You will use less force to free threaded mechanical parts that are rusted on tight and you will have less chance of breaking those parts, too.


EASY TO USE: Castle Torch Penetrating Oil has a straw applicator allowing you to reach the precise spot necessary to free the stuck part, if needed. Also, Castle Torch foaming action directs the penetrating oil to the source of the problem preventing excessive runoff that wastes your product. You’ll need less product to do the job. And, it takes less time to loosen those stuck nuts, bolts and gears when the oil is not running all over the place.


A MUST HAVE FOR YOUR TOOL KIT -  You will find this unique formula works where other products fail. Auto Mechanics love it. A must have for your tool kit, home garage or workshop. Your perfect fast-action anti-seize penetrating oil for tough jobs: threaded pipe connectors, rusted machine screws, rusted nuts and bolts, frozen muffler and exhaust clamps, automotive clamps, pillow blocks, universal rusted joints, rusted locks and locking mechanisms, and more! Uses less force to loosen and remove those frozen, rusted parts.

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