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Castle Brake Cleaner
Castle Brake Cleaner

Castle Brake Bath Non-Chlorinated Brake Cleaner

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Castle Brake Bath Non-Chlorinated Brake Cleaner   

  • Premium Brake Cleaner and Degreaser    
  • Remove Brake Fluid, Oil, Brake Dust   
  • Helps Stop Brake Squeal and Chatter   
  • Fast and Easy to Use   
  • Evaporates Quickly Without Leaving a Film   
  • Low VOC, Non-Chlorinated    
  • 14oz Net Weight Spray Can    

CLEANER AND DEGREASER: Castle Brake Bath cleans while degreasing all brake parts, including brake linings, cylinders, drums, springs, and disc brake pads without the need for disassembling the brake unit.   

EXTEND YOUR BRAKE LIFE: Ensure safety and prolong the life of your brake system with regular maintenance. Part of that maintenance is keeping your brakes clean with Castle Brake Bath powerful blend of degreasers that help keep your brakes running smoothly and efficiently.   

STOP BRAKE SQUEALS AND CHATTER: A Brake Bath helps stop unwanted noises by removing dirt and grime buildup on  your brakes.    

REMOVE BRAKE DUST BUILDUP ON YOUR WHEELS: Remove that unsightly brake dust buildup that can discolor your wheels.   

PREMIUM BRAKE CLEANER: Evaporates quickly without leaving a film. Removes brake fluid, oil and brake dust instantly. Helps stop brake squeal and other noises. Meets low VOC regulations, Does not contain chlorinated solvents (Non-Chlorinated).   

1. When using Brake Bath, please follow EPA and OSHA guidelines regarding the control of brake dust.   
2. Because this product is flammable, do not spray on hot surfaces, near sparks or open flame.   
4. Direct spray to part or parts to be cleaned and spray liberally.   
5. Cleaned part can be wiped dry with soft cloth.

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