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Castle Thrust Penetrating Oil
Castle Thrust Penetrating Oil

Castle Thrust Penetrating Oil

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Castle Thrust Penetrating Oil
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Castle Thrust Penetrating Oil     

  • Maximum Penetrating Power Makes Your Work Easy    
  • Free Your Frozen Nut. Bolts and Other Fasteners Almost Instantly    
  • Acts Faster, Penetrates Deeper, Lubricates, Protects    
  • 15.75oz aerosol spray can     

FREES RUSTED, CORRODED, & FROZEN PARTS: When you have bolts, nuts, threads or other fasteners that won’t budge, Castle Thrust Penetrating Oil is your solution. Thrust’s unique ion-activated formula actually penetrates through rust and corrosion, forms a strong bond with the metal and frees the frozen part. Spray it on, tap the joint or fastener to help speed penetration, allow 3 minutes for the penetrating action to work. In a few minutes, your part is free!    

LUBRICATES, PROTECTS: Castle’s unique low viscosity formula creeps into narrow spaces and breaks the bond that rust has on metal. Thrust has a special blend formula with Additive M resisting high temperature breakdown while its working and Additive E-P working to keep everything lubricated even after you have loosened your rusted or corrosive part. It lasts for a longer period of time under more extreme conditions. In addition, this unique formula provides a protective layer to stop future rust from forming.     

EASY TO USE: Castle Penetrating Oil has a straw applicator allowing you to reach the precise spot necessary to free the stuck part. Also, Castle Thrust foaming action directs the penetrating oil to the source of the problem preventing excessive runoff that wastes your product. You’ll need less product to do the job. And, it takes less time to loosen stuck nuts, bolts and gears when the oil is not running all over the place.     

PENETRATES AND LUBRICATES: Thrust Penetrating Oil frees stuck nuts, bolts, locks, etc. and lubricates to prevent and protect those parts from becoming stuck again as it quiets those squeaks or noises coming from metal parts rubbing together. The oil displaces any water that may be present and provides a protective layer to the metal against moisture damage. In rare situations more severe solutions may be necessary. If Thrust Penetrating Oil won’t do the job, no other penetrating oil will either. But, Castle Torque Master is a superior anti-seize compound that withstands extreme pressures in excess of 50,000 psi and works in those rare scenarios when more torque is needed.     

ACTS FASTER, PENETRATES DEEPER, LUBRICATES: Use less force to free threaded mechanical parts that are rusted on tight. Not only does it eliminate rust on nuts, bolts, and other metal parts, it cleans and stops corrosion, too. You will find this unique formula works where other products fail. Auto Mechanics love it. A must have for your tool kit, home garage, or workshop. Your perfect fast-action penetrating oil for tough jobs. You’ll find it to be your go-to oil for many applications.    


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