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Adhesive Floor Mats

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Professional Grade Sticky Floor Mats for Cars

Our auto carpet protection film is used by professionals all across the country. Our industrial strength protective plastic has just the right amount of clear adhesive to keep the film in place while ensuring easy removal with no left over adhesive residue. Sofasco's protective plastic auto adhesive floor mats are available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses for your convenience.


Available Sizes

AFM-200-21-4 (21x200x4mil)

21 in x 200 ft, 4 mil thick and perforated every 24 inches. 100 mats per roll.


AFM-200-24-4 (24x200x4mil)

24 in x 200 ft x 4 mil thick and perforated every 21 inches. 114 mats per roll.


AFM-300-24-4 (24x300x4mil)

24 in x 300 ft x 4 mil thick and perforated every 21 inches. 171 mats per roll.


AFM-500-24-4 (24x500x4mil)

24 in x 500 ft x 4 mil thick and perforated every 21 inches. 285 mats per roll.


AFM-600-24-4 (24x600x4mil)

24 in x 600 ft x 4 mil thick and perforated every 21 inches. 342 mats per roll.


Best Quality - No Curl
Protect your vehicle carpeting with our best quality, no curl 4 mil thick auto adhesive floor mats that are highly resistant to punctures and tears. It is designed specifically for use in all types of vehicles. This Super Sticky Floor Mat roll is 24” wide x 300’ long with other sizes available.


Self-Adhesive Backing
The self-adhesive backing grips the surface of carpet fibers and keeps all the dirt and contaminates out. The adhesive backing is formulated to hold the carpet protection film against the carpet surface without sliding or rolling up with use. Perforated every 21” for quick application.  


Adhesive Side-In
The automotive carpet protection film is wound on a heavy-duty 3” core with the adhesive-side in making it super easy to apply. The sticky floor mats for cars is on your carpet, not on your hands.


Application is fast and easy

Perforated every 21 inches. Simply tear the mat at the perforation and place it on the desired carpet area. Our Protective Plastic Adhesive Floor Mats adhere firmly and conforms to the vehicle’s carpet irregular surfaces. Removes easily, without a sticky residue, by lifting a corner and removing the carpet protection film away from the carpet.


Dealer Must Remove Protective Cover

All So fas co Products auto adhesive floor mats are printed with "Dealer Must Remove Protective Cover" in the industry standard rectangular pattern. 


Superior Carpet Protection

Our premium automotive carpet protection film is designed to protect your car’s carpet not only from normal wear and tear, but also from the dust, grime, soil, water, or oil that typically collects on the vehicle’s carpet.


Sofasco Premium Choice 

Our ultra-tough 24” x 200’ Auto Adhesive Floor Mats act as a barrier against the normal contaminants that collect on your vehicle’s carpet surface. 



Our Protective Plastic Adhesive Floor Mats are excellent for detail shops, car wash facilities, service stations, new and used car dealerships, and for personal use to protect new or recently cleaned vehicle carpets and automotive floor mats from everyday contaminants.  


To Sum it Up 

Application is fast and easy leaving less waste than other auto adhesive floor mats on the market. Removes without residue. Manufactured in the USA. Printed with the industry standard rectangular pattern, "Dealer Must Remove Protective Cover" text.

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