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Choice of Color for 7-Inch Polishing and Buffing Waffle Pads
Choice of Color for 7-Inch Polishing and Buffing Waffle Pads

7-Inch Buffing and Polishing Waffle Pads, Fits 6-Inch Backer (Choose Color)

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7-Inch Waffle Pad Design for Balance, Durability, and Better Surface Contact

  • Designed for Strength and Airflow with Open Cell (reticulated) Foam
  • Will Not Fly Apart under Long-Throw, Gear-Driven Polisher Force
  • Use with DA Polishers, Rotary Polishers, Any Polisher with 5/16 in x 24 threads
  • Waffle Design Allows for Smooth Operation with Less Heat Build-up

COLOR GUIDE for 7-Inch Waffle Buffing Pads and Waffle Polishing Pads

Orange Heavy Cutting and Compounding Euro Foam Waffle Pad
Use when heavy cutting and compounding is necessary. This pad works best for heavy swirls and surface defects like acid rain, wet sand scratches, or heavily oxidized paint. Use this in the place of a wool pad.

White Medium Cut Foam Waffle Pad
The pad of choice for light to medium oxidation or other surface defects. If you are using a two-step system, this pad is the first step for removing most paint defects. Then, use the Light Blue Final Finish Waffle Pad as Step Two.

Black Soft Polish Foam Waffle Pad
Use to apply a cleaner wax or a light polish to remove minor swirls or surface defects. This process restores the gloss and depth without adding swirls.

Light Blue Final Finish Foam Waffle Pad
Produces a deep gloss when used with your favorite polish, wax, glaze, or sealant. This pad is soft and pliable. Works as the final step when using a 2-step polishing system.

Waffle Pads Have Great Balance and Durability While Providing Surface Gloss and Depth

RUN COOLER: These 7-Inch Waffle Pads will provide smooth operation with minimal heat build-up. Waffle pads have a convoluted surface so they will not make 100% surface contact at any one time. This provides cooler operation minimizing the chance of overheating the paint surface. You will have a smoother buffing and polishing experience enabling you to get the job done faster with less tiredness.

HOLDS UP UNDER HEAVY DEMANDS: These Foam Waffle Pads work equally will whether you are using a Velocity LT, Porter Cable, Griots Garage, Meguiars, or other buffers and polishers. Use these foam pads with confidence whether your polisher of choice is a DA Polisher, Dual Action Polisher, Long-Throw Gear-Driven Polisher, Big-Throw Polisher, Random Orbital Polisher, or a Rotary Polisher.

PAD CHANGE IS QUICK: The Hook and Loop Backer makes changing pads fast and easy. The backing material will not separate from the backing plate due to the chemical and resistant adhesive that is used.  

TAPERED DESIGN: This Waffle Buffing Pad has a tapered edge that keeps the backing plate from hitting your car surface. The pad is 7 inches on the surface side and 6.4 Inches on the backer side. The slanted edge allows you to fit into tight area easily.

LONG-LASTING: These Velocity Waffle Pads are made of reticulated (open cell) foam for strength and airflow so they will hold up to the force from the Long-Throw Gear-Driven, Rotary and DA machines. The pad will not fly apart under these pressures. Great choice, give them a try, you’ll be glad you did!

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