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Choice of Color for 6-Inch Polishing and Buffing Pads
Choice of Color for 6-Inch Polishing and Buffing Pads

6-Inch Buffing and Polishing Foam Pads, Fits 5-Inch Backing Plate (Choose Color)

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Buffing and Polishing Foam Pads - 6 Inch

  • Low-Profile, High Density, Slant Design 6 In. Foam Pad
  • 6-inch Buffing-Polishing Pad Fits on a 5-Inch Hook and Loop Backing Plate
  • Designed for Use with Long-Throw, DA Polishers, Rotary Polishers (5 in x 5/16 in x 24 threads)
  • Obtain Great Results, Yet Use Less Compound or Polishing Products

Color Guide for SM Arnold 6-Inch Buffing and Polishing Pads

Blue Heavy Cutting and Compounding Foam Pad
Very aggressive for heavy compounding. The Blue Heavy Cut Pad is appropriate for heavily oxidized paint, acid rain, wet sand scratches, surface defects, and swirls. Commonly used in place of wool pads. Dissipates heat well while maintaining firmness.

Green Medium Cut Foam Pad
Use for surfaces with light to moderate surface defects or oxidation. Removes most paint imperfections. Provides the level of cut expected from a foam cutting pad, but finishes like a foam polishing pad. It leaves a wax-ready finish that requires only minimal follow-up. The Green Moderate Cut Buffing Pad works great as Step One for a routine Two Step polishing system.

Yellow Soft Polish Foam Pad
Use for general polishing. Removes light imperfections, use to apply a light polish, or a cleaner wax. The Yellow Soft Polish Pad is the #1 choice for swirl removal. Eliminates minor surface defects while restoring gloss without swirls. Increases the gloss level while providing superior correction speed.

White Final Finish Foam Pad
This ultra-fine foam pad is the perfect choice for use with waxes, polishes, sealants and glaze to produce a deep gloss on any painted surface. It is pliable and extremely soft. The White Final Finish Pad is the ultimate in finish, shine, and gloss. A must have for polishing dark colors, collector cars or luxury vehicles. Can be used as Step Two in a traditional Two Step Polishing System.

Foam Buffing Pads Maximizes Surface Gloss and Depth, while Minimizing Heat Build-up, plus has Excellent Balance and Durability

PAD WILL NOT FLY APART: Velocity DX High Density Foam Pads will not fly apart under the rigorous demands of buffing and polishing machines. These Tapered Foam Pads are the perfect choice for Your Porter Cable, Meguiars, Griots Garage, Velocity LT, and more.

  • DA Polishers
  • Dual Action Polishers
  • Long-Throw Polishers
  • Big-Throw Polishers
  • Random Orbital Polishers
  • Rotary Polishers

QUALITY CONTROL: Changing your foam pad is quick and easy with the hook and loop backing (like Velcro). This backing is permanently attached to the foam side of the pad with adhesive that is both heat and chemical resistant. You will have no worries about the back separating from the foam in the middle of your polishing and buffing job.

PROTECTIVE DESIGN: This Buffing Pad has a tapered edge that provides optimal performance, balance, durability and better surface contact. The slanted edge hugs your panel shape and fits into tight areas with ease. Because the edge is tapered, you can be assured that it will protect your finish from being marred by the backing plate.  

LONG-LASTING APPLICATION: SM Arnold Velocity DX Low-Profile Foam Pads are constructed with dense open cell foam. This high-quality foam pad maintains consistent airflow for maximum cooling. It has optimal balance for perfect control, it dissipates heat, and maintains its shape without flying apart. Give it a try, you’ll be glad you did.

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