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Backing Plate for Dual Action Polishers
Backing Plate for Dual Action Polishers

5 Inch DA Backing Plate for Hook and Loop Polishing Pads

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Get the 5 Inch DA Polisher Backing Plate that is designed for flexibility and superior performance. Professional quality. Hook and Loop attachment.
Part Number: 69-085
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Backing Plate for Dual Action Polishers

  • Flexible Design for Better Performance Than Stiff, Rigid Backing Plates
  • Conforms Better to the Curves and Contours of the Paint Surface You Are Working On
  • Standard Universal Fit Accepts the 5/16 in - 24  Accessories
  • Hook and Loop Attachment for Easy Pad Changes

UNIVERSAL FIT: This 5 in Backing Plate fits any DA Polisher, Long-Throw Polisher, Random Orbital Polisher, or Sander that accepts the standard 5/16 in - 24 thread accessories with the hook and loop attachment system including Porter Cable, Meguiars, Griots Garage Random Orbital Polishers, and most other brands. Use with your 5.5 inch to 6 inch polishing or buffing pads.

BUILT FOR FLEXIBILITY: You will love this lightweight, flexible .5 inch poly backing plate that enables you to work curves, contours, and hard-to-reach areas with ease. It runs smooth with less friction reducing the risk of paint burns or buffer trails. You will work less time for better results.

BACKING WILL NOT SEPARATE: This is professional grade hook and loop material is permanently affixed to the backing plate ensuring you will have long-term use of your investment. Also, the Hook and Loop attaches the pad to the backing plate tightly so it will not fly off as you buff or polish your car.  

OUTSTANDING BALANCE: This DA polisher backing plate spins without wobbling providing even pressure and heat distribution so you will have an excellent shine in less time.

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