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  4. 10” Soft Car Wash Brush with a Protective Bumper Guard
Soft Car Wash Brush with Protective Bumper Guard
Soft Car Wash Brush with Protective Bumper Guard

10” Soft Car Wash Brush with a Protective Bumper Guard

Your Price: $21.95
Part Number: 85-673
Availability: In Stock

10” Car Wash Brush that Will Not Scratch Your Finish

  • Best Car Wash Brush is Built to Last
  • Made with 35% More Material than Competitors Brushes
  • Bristles Last 3 Times Longer
  • Sturdy Foam Block with Protective Rubber Bumper
  • Flow-Thru Threaded Handle Hole (pole sold separately)
  • Super Soft Nylex Flagged-Tip Bristles
  • Will Not Scratch Vehicle Finish

PROFESSIONAL CAR WASH BRUSH - If you are tired of cheaply constructed wash brushes, you must try our Premium Car Wash Brush which is manufactured with the highest quality components available. We pack more bristles made from higher quality material in a better block than our competitors giving you a safer, better cleaning, longer lasting brush for your money, guaranteed.

CLEAN FASTER AND BETTER -  Dense 2.5 inch nylex bristles carry an abundance of soap and water to the surface and quickly washes away all the dirt and grime. You will find this brush has more bristles set into its foam block than the cheaper priced brushes that typically have less bristles in order to keep the price lower. That type of brush does not carry water and soap as well, nor does it last as long as this car wash brush.

PROTECTS YOUR FINISH - The bristles are set in a high-quality hard foam block with a rubber bumper that circles the entire brush body ensuring your paint finish is protected. You can use the brush as a dip brush or use the standard threaded handle hole, if you prefer to add a pole. Durable and lightweight foam plastic body will not warp, crack, bend or break.

LONG LASTING BRISTLES - The Super Soft Nylex Bristles ensures your vehicle remains scratch and swirl free after every wash. Resistant to detergents, chemicals, mildew, rot, alkalis, most solvents and heat. These synthetic bristles are 2.5 inches long and have excellent flexibility and durability. The bristles are flag-tipped which allows you to easily remove grit and grim from your vehicle surface. They are super soft, but firm enough to get the job done.

ADD A HANDLE FOR THE PERFECT LONG REACH - The hard foam block fits a standard threaded handle (sold separately). We have handles available in a variety of length or a telescopic pole to adjust the reach easily. Use it as a dip brush or as a flow-thru brush when used with a flow-thru pole. All the options make this the ultimate car wash brush available.

  • Primary Use: Car Wash Brush 10 Inch
  • Brand: Detail Direct
  • Part No: 85-673Length: 10"
  • Bristle Type: Soft Flagged Tip Green Nylex
  • Bristle Length: 2.5"
  • Block Material: Foam
  • Threaded Handle Hole: Yes
  • Flow Through: Yes
  • Weight: 1.5 lb

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